I never write reviews good or bad because I’m just not a review kind of person! If I like something I keep it to myself and if I don’t like something I keep it to myself however I’m making an exception for 204 Pizza. The pizza is absolutely amazing… but it goes beyond taste. It all started when my daughter said she was hungry while on the beach so I googled quick bites and 204 Pizza popped up and so a brief walk later we arrived to fresh pizza coming out of the oven for the daily slices they provide. We kept it simple with just pepperoni and we couldn’t stop with just one slice so we ordered another slice. The pizza itself was thin crust drizzled with fresh garlic and basil and the pepperoni was absolutely delicious. We politely said thanks and we went on our way. The last evening of our vacation we were trying to decide on a restaurant but we were certainly tired of seafood at this point and my wife and I were certainly tired of spending money on yet another fancy restaurant so we said why not go back to 204 Pizza. Before we could even open the door we were greeted with smiles so we asked this time for a whole pizza because we knew we couldn’t stop with just one slice and so we explained to them how much we enjoyed the pizza and that’s when they said would you like to let your daughter make a pizza!?! Well my daughter is 7years old so her eyes lit up,, of course!!! we said,and so they took my daughter behind the counter and put an apron on her and gave her a hat to wear as well. So from there my daughter got to go through the whole process in making a fresh pizza from scratch! Meanwhile as this is all taking place the gentleman and the lady working there explained to my wife and I every aspect of how they make pizza… everything from how they only use fresh ingredients and how they make the doe fresh everyday and so on and so forth. The reason I chose to write this big long review is simple… it’s because the pizza is out of this world and you couldn’t ask for better customer service either so we hit the jackpot with 204 Pizza! It seems like nowadays everyone is so quick to write bad reviews on everything and anything so I’m making sure I put out a good review when it’s well deserved.Listen I get it everyone has different taste buds when it comes to different things but you can certainly tell when you have only the finest ingredients put on a plate in front of you and that’s what you will get at 204 Pizza. I understand when you’re on vacation at the beach you want to do the fancy restaurants and the seafood buffets etc etc but if your a simple kind of person just looking for a good meal with good ingredients and good service then definitely try 204 Pizza. You will not be disappointed!!!!!