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204 Pizza | Virginia Beach, Virginia

We have been serving pizza on 22nd street of Virginia Beach Oceanfront since 2009 with one distinct idea: create a real Italian & Mediterranean style restaurant where both our customers and ourselves can feel at home. And true to that motto, our business always grew out of close family values; from the way we treat our staff to the comfort food we serve to our customers. We have our own family meals at our restaurant and we believe we have turned the pizza business into a true family business.
We take pride in our pizza real New York Style and hand toosed, cooked in stone oven prepared with the freshest ingredients that we procure from local stores in Virginia to support our local community.
We love serving you food that makes you happy!



Yelp Reviews

  •   Holy cow!!!!!! This is not only THE best pizza I've ever had at VA Beach, it is in the top 5 pizzas I have EVER had, EVER.  Just a regular pepperoni pizza was amazingly good.  If you love garlic this is YOUR pizza.  We finished the pizza and I told my family I was going to go get another one right now.  Lol.  So, maybe not tonight, but before we leave Polar Plunge, I MUST have this pizza again.  Well done folks, well done!!!!!

    thumb Mark D.
  •   The best pizza ever! I just wish they delivered to my house. I love the crust the most and the staff is always so nice.

    thumb Jennifer B.
  •   Best Pizza of Virginia Beach, hands down. Growing up in Jersey, your standards and expectations of a pie are high. Pizza 204 exceeds those expectations. Everything is so crispy and fresh! They even grow their own basil in their garden to pick fresh and put it on the Margarita Pie! We live more inland, but are more than happy to drive the extra miles to get their amazing slices! Couldn't be happier to find them!

    thumb Julie N.
  •   Talk about fresh pizza..... they make it the minute you order it! The slices are also somewhat made on ordering it, they make the base pizza (cheese) then they take the slices you desire and add the toppings, place it back in the over and it's like you have a fresh slice of pizza. We had the Margherrita pizza and it was DELICIOUS! The tomatoes went fresh but stewed instead (which I didn't think I'd like but it was very delicious) the basil is put on the pizza after it's placed in the box and the steam cooks the basil.  The location is right off the Main Street but easy to get to.  The staff is nice but quiet.

    thumb Elisa A.
  •   Absolutely amazing, yelp ordering system screwed up the delivery time. I called 204 and they fixed it in seconds, delivered the pizza so fast, amazing pizza the best I have ever had hands down.

    Amazing service and great hospitality!

    thumb Ty V.
  •   We were at the beach needed good pizza or quick food but good. Beach got so many places to select from but not sure what to select from. This place is little bit to the side so I give it a shot.
    I ordered large cheese, jalapeño and mushrooms pizza. I forgot my credit card at the store... staff located me and gave me my card!!
    20 minutes later it was ready I took it to the beach and everyone loved it. We wished to have another pizza it was that good.

    Next day we were at the beach again ... my brother and I went to give them another shot. Both staff members recognized me, warm welcome and smiles made our day. Once again pizza was outstanding!!!!

    I love these guys they are absolutely great!!!

    thumb Zee S.
  •   I never write reviews good or bad because I'm just not a review kind of person! If I like something I keep it to myself and if I don't like something I keep it to myself however I'm making an exception for 204 Pizza. The pizza is absolutely amazing... but it goes beyond taste. It all started when my daughter said she was hungry while on the beach so I googled quick bites and 204 Pizza popped up and so a brief walk later we arrived to fresh pizza coming out of the oven for the daily slices they provide. We kept it simple with just pepperoni and we couldn't stop with just one slice so we ordered another slice. The pizza itself was thin crust drizzled with fresh garlic and basil and the pepperoni was absolutely delicious. We politely said thanks and we went on our way. The last evening of our vacation we were trying to decide on a restaurant but we were certainly tired of seafood at this point and my wife and I were certainly tired of spending money on yet another fancy restaurant so we said why not go back to 204 Pizza. Before we could even open the door we were greeted with smiles so we asked this time for a whole pizza because we knew we couldn't stop with just one slice and so we explained to them how much we enjoyed the pizza and that's when they said would you like to let your daughter make a pizza!?! Well my daughter is 7years old so her eyes lit up,, of course!!! we said,and so they took my daughter behind the counter and put an apron on her and gave her a hat to wear as well. So from there my daughter got to go through the whole process in making a fresh pizza from scratch! Meanwhile as this is all taking place the gentleman and the lady working there explained to my wife and I every aspect of how they make pizza... everything from how they only use fresh ingredients and how they make the doe fresh everyday and so on and so forth. The reason I chose to write this big long review is simple... it's because the pizza is out of this world and you couldn't ask for better customer service either so we hit the jackpot with 204 Pizza! It seems like nowadays everyone is so quick to write bad reviews on everything and anything so I'm making sure I put out a good review when it's well deserved.Listen I get it everyone has different taste buds when it comes to different things but you can certainly tell when you have only the finest ingredients put on a plate in front of you and that's what you will get at 204 Pizza. I understand when you're on vacation at the beach you want to do the fancy restaurants and the seafood buffets etc etc but if your a simple kind of person just looking for a good meal with good ingredients and good service then definitely try 204 Pizza. You will not be disappointed!!!!!

    thumb Chad C.
  •   I have had the fortune of being able to visit 45 of the 50 states, and have ordered pizza in nearly all.  The food at 204 is comparable to some of the best pizza if had anywhere, even NYC.  We were cutting a slice for my grandson, the owner came outside with his pizza cutter and sliced it in to little pieces for him.  Awesome!!!! And the pizza marghretta is to die for.

    thumb Jim W.
  •   First off, the shop is dirty and dingy. The guy taking my credit card had plastic gloves on that made me gag- he clearly was wearing them for show- they were gross. It took us 7 minutes to get home and the pizza was cold by then. It's too thin and the only taste is garlic. I'm a huge garlic fan and usually put too much on everything I eat, but this was just too much- and no, we didn't order a garlic pizza, just cheese.

    thumb Jennifer B.
  •   For those of you who read this NOT from NY, and want pizza that tastes like NY, go here. I had dinner already and decided to stop in and try some Virginia pizza. It was really good and on point. Crust was crispy, just right amount of sauce and cheese. Small place with some seating outside. I'm from Long Island, the pizza capital of the world. Trust me here.

    thumb Rich M.

Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  Best pizza on the strip. If you want good pizza, skip all the other places and just go here.

    thumb Jeph Foster
  • review rating 5  The best new York style pizza on beach front. The pizza is simply amazing I am also a fan of their cheese steak. I have never had bad food from this place. If your looking for pizza look no further!

    thumb austin russell
  • review rating 5  The pizza was prepared perfectly!! I got the meatlovers full pie and my friends and I really enjoyed it! The toppings tasted so fresh and it wasn't grease at all!!! It was the perfect pizza!!

    thumb Kendra Johnson
  • review rating 5  Best thing crust pizza I’ve eaten. Who ever was working there took the time to make a great pizza for us. Wonderful employee

    thumb Michael Resetar
  • review rating 3  The pasta I ordered was good, not exceptional but good. On the other hand, about a third of the lettuce in my salad was brown with rotting edges--yuck! Maybe this is an anomaly, but first impressions count!

    thumb Eriks Goodwin

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