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204 Pizza | Virginia Beach, Virginia

We have been serving pizza on 22nd street of Virginia Beach Oceanfront since 2009 with one distinct idea: create a real Italian & Mediterranean style restaurant where both our customers and ourselves can feel at home. And true to that motto, our business always grew out of close family values; from the way we treat our staff to the comfort food we serve to our customers. We have our own family meals at our restaurant and we believe we have turned the pizza business into a true family business.
We take pride in our pizza real New York Style and hand toosed, cooked in stone oven prepared with the freshest ingredients that we procure from local stores in Virginia to support our local community.
We love serving you food that makes you happy!




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Yelp Reviews

  •   First off, the shop is dirty and dingy. The guy taking my credit card had plastic gloves on that made me gag- he clearly was wearing them for show- they were gross. It took us 7 minutes to get home and the pizza was cold by then. It's too thin and the only taste is garlic. I'm a huge garlic fan and usually put too much on everything I eat, but this was just too much- and no, we didn't order a garlic pizza, just cheese.

    thumb Jennifer B.
  •   For those of you who read this NOT from NY, and want pizza that tastes like NY, go here. I had dinner already and decided to stop in and try some Virginia pizza. It was really good and on point. Crust was crispy, just right amount of sauce and cheese. Small place with some seating outside. I'm from Long Island, the pizza capital of the world. Trust me here.

    thumb Rich M.
  •   Decided to give this place a shot tonight after leaving Lunacey (bar next door) I deff had worked up quite the appetite after knocking back patron shots all night with my girls. The great aroma in the air made my mouth water. I decided on a simple cheese slice.'omg super good . Not to mention it tasted like it was straight out of newyork. Not to much bread either and it was nice and crispy. Will be returning

    thumb Starr B.
  •   Food was really good. My sub had a seasoning I wasn't supposed to have and they remade with no problem. Staff friendly. Price comparable to area

    thumb Caren G.
  •   We came over the weekend after having a fun night at LunaSea. After spending some time playing around the beach, my group of friends were so hungry, but it was 2:50 in the morning, what could possibly be open?? After walking back up from the beach i saw what my tipsy self would say "heavens light" aka, their open sign. There was a guy standing outside eating a slice, and i asked him, "is this pizza drunk good or sober good?" and he replied with "Idk but this sh*t is GOOD." My friend had to use the restroom, so i came in at 3:00 AM and asked "Are you guys still making pizza?" and the owner replied, "For you, yes!" So just to make the sale worth it, i bought a large cheese pizza than some slices and waited while my friend used their restroom. All the staff were very nice while they were cleaning and we chatted a bit. I brought the pizza back to our group of friends and we literally could not stop eating the pizza, it was like crack. It was SO GOOD. Perfect amount of tomato sauce, the garlic sauce brushed on their crispy crust. It was truly heavenly.

    Heres the thing, was the pizza good just because we were all tipsy? I can honestly say that the next day, i dreamt about that pizza. I thought about that pizza like a middle school crush. I talked to the same group of friends again that day and we could not stop raving about that pizza. A friend would join the group and before even greeting us she'd say "YOU GUYS THAT PIZZA LAST NIGHT WAS SO GOOD!"

    If you're ever on the strip/boardwalk look for some good munchies, definitely stop by 204 pizza. Its so worth it.

    thumb Cee L.
  •   I like this location close to the beach in the midst of everything. The staff was very friendly. We got some pizza and it was tasty perfect blend.

    thumb Avisto T.
  •   MY FAVORITE PIZZA PLACE!!! They always stay open later than 2am to help every customer. They are authentic and so sweet! Monica is a sweetheart and it's so nice seeing familiar faces!! I love love love this place! Oh...and the pizza is freaking delicious.

    thumb Sarah B.
  •   I Love love love this place!!! Best customer service!!! I felt like I was dining with close hometown friends!! I had the meatlovers pizza and it was pure perfection!!!

    thumb Kendra H.
  •   We ordered delivery and was told a certain time frame as to when our food would be delivered. However, it took an hour and a half for it to arrive after multiple phone calls for an update. We were told the food was being remade because the driver had gotten lost. When we finally got our food, the pizza arrived with a damaged box and looked unappealing. I will not order delivery from here again.

    thumb Jordan I.
  •   Authentic pizza from the heart. Beautiful Romania pizza and you can't get anything better. Worth the price

    thumb Mary M.

Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  Best pizza on the strip. If you want good pizza, skip all the other places and just go here.

    thumb Jeph Foster
  • review rating 5  The best new York style pizza on beach front. The pizza is simply amazing I am also a fan of their cheese steak. I have never had bad food from this place. If your looking for pizza look no further!

    thumb austin russell
  • review rating 5  The pizza was prepared perfectly!! I got the meatlovers full pie and my friends and I really enjoyed it! The toppings tasted so fresh and it wasn't grease at all!!! It was the perfect pizza!!

    thumb Kendra Johnson
  • review rating 5  Best thing crust pizza I’ve eaten. Who ever was working there took the time to make a great pizza for us. Wonderful employee

    thumb Michael Resetar
  • review rating 3  The pasta I ordered was good, not exceptional but good. On the other hand, about a third of the lettuce in my salad was brown with rotting edges--yuck! Maybe this is an anomaly, but first impressions count!

    thumb Eriks Goodwin

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